Windows Live Hotmail Plus (Can You Still Sign Up)

Many of us have grown up using Hotmail for communication.

But is Hotmail Plus still available? 

Many people continue to search for Hotmail Plus, but unfortunately, it is a legacy product and not sold today. Microsoft bought Hotmail in 1997 and renamed it to Windows Live Hotmail Plus. Later, it was rebranded as Microsoft Office 365.

Want to know if this is the same as the good old Hotmail you’ve always known? What are the additional features in it and how much does it cost?

Hop on as I explain everything you need to know about Windows Live Hotmail Plus!

Windows Live Hotmail Plus

What Is Windows Live Hotmail Plus?

Windows Live Hotmail is Microsoft’s rebranding of Hotmail. This was the free version that came with limits on storage capacity and other features. The equivalent of Hotmail Plus (the paid version of Hotmail) is Windows Live Hotmail Plus. 

In other words, Windows Live Hotmail Plus was an ad-free and paid version of the good old Hotmail.

It started with 10GB storage space, and added more as needed, with no upper limit on storage. You could also use POP3 settings to download messages to your local computer using any email client. 

The Hotmail attachment limit however was 25MB. Also, you had to log into your account at least once every 90 days, failing which the account would be automatically deleted. 

Today, Windows Live Hotmail Plus is replaced by Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscription. 

The features that come with Microsoft 365’s subscription are:

  • A personalized email address
  • Advanced security to reduce malware and phishing.
  • Encryption of email messages.
  • 50 GB email storage
  • No ads
  • Premium support.

Are All The Features Of Hotmail Plus Included In Microsoft 365?

Yes, all the features of Hotmail Plus are included in Microsoft 365.

The only difference is in storage. 

The free Hotmail version limited storage to just 15GB per user, and this is why users subscribed to Hotmail Plus or Windows Live Hotmail Plus service. The equivalent of that today is a Microsoft 365 subscription that offers 50GB of space. 

Note that 50 GB is available only after you pay the subscription fee and not during your trial period. 

Windows Live Hotmail Plus Subscription Cost (When In Existence)

It was $19.95 per year when in place.

What Is Replacement Microsoft 365 Family / Personal Cost?

Microsoft 365 Personal plan costs $69.99 per year or $6.99 per month. This cost is valid for one person only.

If you want to buy a subscription for your entire family, go for the Microsoft 365 Family subscription that costs $99.99 per year or $9.99 per month. This subscription supports up to six users in a single subscription. 

How Do I Upgrade Hotmail To Hotmail Plus (Now Microsoft 365)?

Here are the steps to upgrade from Hotmail to Hotmail Plus (now Microsoft 365). But before you start this process, go to, pay for your annual subscription fee, and create a Hotmail account and password. 

  • If you are accessing Hotmail through Outlook, go to Outlook > Preferences > Account.
  • Click the + sign and navigate to New Account
  • Type your email address and password and click Connect
  • Finally, click Finish and your Hotmail account will get upgraded to Microsoft 365.

Do I Still Need A Windows Live Hotmail Plus Subscription If I Have An Office 365 Personal Subscription?

Since Windows Live Hotmail Plus is now Office 365, a single subscription to Office 365 is enough. If you’re one of those users still paying for a Hotmail Plus subscription, contact Microsoft right away to cancel this subscription, so you pay only for Microsoft 365 and enjoy the additional features that come with it.