Windows Error 0x80131509: How To Fix?

Windows Error 0x80131509 How To Fix

Many times, error messages are cryptic and don’t give enough contextual information on the cause of the problem. One such error on Windows is 0x80131509. In fact, the complete error message could look like this: “Verify that you are connected. Then retry to update. We were unable to update windows. (0x80131509)”

You’re likely to get this error while installing Minecraft (Java edition) through an installer.  So, what’s the cause of this error and how can you fix it? Read on to know.

What Causes Windows Error Code 0x80131509?

There are many causes for Windows Error 0x80131509. Here’s a look at the common ones.

Internet Issues

The most common cause is a slow Internet connection. When your Internet is patchy, the larger files are only partially downloaded and may miss some key components. Later, when you try to install Minecraft, the system throws an error because all the files are not available.

Internet Slowdown

Incompatibility With Older Versions

Do you have an older version of the installer? Or any other app launcher or installer? If yes, this could interfere with the newer version and can cause problems during installation. 

Windows Updates

Installation of any software, including Minecraft, can get complicated when you have updates that are pending. This is why it’s best to download and install your Windows updates when it’s available, so you can eliminate this as one of the causes of the 0x80131509 error.

Wrong Credentials

When you use the wrong username/password to sign in to your Xbox account, you can get the 0x80131509 error. Though it may sound silly that the system throws such a cryptic message for a wrong login, it’s nevertheless one of the ways that Windows tells you that you need to enter the right credentials.

Thus, these are some of the most common causes of the 0x80131509 error. Let’s now see how you can fix it.

How Do I Fix Error Code 0x80131509?

There are many ways to fix the 0x80131509 error, and the solution depends on what caused this error in the first place. If you know the cause for sure, simply use the associated solution to fix it. Else, you’ll have to run through all the solutions mentioned below and hope that one of them will fix your problem.

Check Your Internet Connection

Check if you’re connected to the Internet and keep an eye on the download speeds. See if there’s a lag in your connection. Restart your router and see if that fixes the slow speeds, else reach out to your Internet Service Provider.

Uninstall Old Launchers

Run through your system to see if there are any old or outdated Minecraft launchers. If you find one, uninstall this launcher, and install the latest version. This can remove compatibility issues. 

Keep An Eye Out For Windows Updates

Check if there are any pending Windows updates and install them right away. Remember, your system may need a restart for the updates to install, so plan accordingly.

windows update

Also, see if you’re using the latest Windows build. Go online and check what’s the latest build, and compare it with what you have. If you don’t have the latest build, sign into your online Microsoft account, and download and install the latest one. You can even update the build using Windows Media Creation Tool. 

Update Java

Make sure you have the latest Java version to run the Minecraft (Java) version. This can not only fix the error, but can also enhance your overall gaming experience.


Use Third-Party Tools

If none of the above solutions, consider using third-party tools that can scan your system and provide the cause of error 0x80131509. This is sure to help you to address the problem better.

Thus, these are some ways to fix the 0x80131509 error.