How To Recall Hotmail Email?

For most of us, emails are a spontaneous way of communicating with family, friends, and colleagues, as these are delivered right away! Sometimes, this spontaneity can be a disadvantage, especially if you think you’ve made a mistake.

How many times have you thought that maybe you shouldn’t have sent that email? Well, I have been there too! 

How To Recall A Hotmail Email

The good news is you can recall emails before they reach your recipient’s inbox under certain caveats. But if the message has reached the recipient’s inbox, you can request the recipient’s email client to delete it for you. 

However, you can’t do anything if the receiver has read the message, still, you can let the receiver know that you want to delete the message. Probably, a way to say you’re sorry or that it’s a mistake!

(Tip: You can be certain the recipient has read the email if you have a read receipt in place. Check out our guide, ‘How to Get A Hotmail Read Receipt‘ to put this in place.)

In this article, we will show you how to recall a Hotmail email.

Is It Possible To Recall Hotmail (Outlook) Emails Once Sent?

No, you can’t recall any emails sent from email IDs that end with,, or because these are web-based email services. Once you send the email, it is out of control, and there is really nothing you can do about it.

Best Alternative: Setting Up The Undo Button In Outlook

The best alternative is to use Outlook (Hotmail) for Windows. Here too, you can’t recall an email,  but you can delay the sending of messages by a few seconds. This way, you can cancel an email before it reaches the recipient’s inbox. 

So, how do you set up this undo option in Outlook? Here are the steps.

  • At the right-hand top corner, click Settings (the cogwheel-shaped icon) and choose “View all Outlook Settings”
  • In the Setting page, choose “Mail” from the left-hand pane and “Compose and Reply” from the middle pane.
  • Next, scroll down and look for an option called Undo send. You can select up to 10 seconds and this is the maximum time you have to change your mind.
undo send
  • After making your selection, click “Save” and the settings will apply from your next email. 

How Does Undo Send Work Once Set Up

Now you may wonder how Undo Send works after you set it up. 

After you send an email, you will see an option called “Sending” at the bottom. Right next to it, you will see an option called “Undo”. This option will be available for the duration that you set up through Mail Settings.

undo button

Within this time, if you click the “Undo” button, the email will not be sent. Once the time has elapsed and the email is sent, you can’t do anything.

How To Recall Hotmail Email From iPhone

Can you recall Hotmail from the iPhone?


Here are the steps.

  • Log into your Outlook with your credentials.
  • Go to your Sent Items and open the email you want to recall.
  • Navigate to the “Move” option and click it. You will see an option called “Recall this Message” and choose it.

You have the option to replace this email with a new message or delete it if it is still unread by the receiver.