MSN Not Responding: What Solutions Are Available?

MSN Not Responding What Solutions Are Available

MSN is a popular Microsoft service. But sometimes, it can malfunction, causing you to miss your news feed, weather updates, email exchange, and other features.

In this article, we’ll help you figure out what’s wrong with MSN.

We will also list a few reasons why you might be facing problems such as MSN not responding or your MSN news feed not working. We will then guide you through a number of ways to fix this problem.

General Reasons For MSN Not Responding

Below are some reasons that may contribute to MSN not responding:

  • Incorrect browser settings
  • Too many cached files and cookies
  • Incorrect time settings
  • Firewall or antimalware settings may limit the loading of some pages
  • Your internet connection may be slow or down
  • You are trying to access MSN using an old browser version

Now that you know some possible reasons for MSN failure, let’s look at how to fix them.

Alternatively, if you are trying to make MSN your homepage click on the hyperlink to see steps.

MSN Not Responding In Windows 7: Solutions and Troubleshooting

Method 1: Disable SSL and Enable TLS

A few years ago, Microsoft released an advisory against using SSL (secure sockets layer) protocol. Up to that time, users relied on ssl2 and ssl3 for safe browsing. The fix issued by Microsoft automatically disabled SSL protocol in favor of TLS (Transport Layer Security).

If your computer is running on SSL, not only could it be endangering your data, but it could also be preventing you from accessing secure pages.

In addition, you cannot access websites that are still using SSL protocols. To disable (Secure Sockets Layer) in earlier Windows OS and enable TLS,

  1. Navigate to the search box next to the start button, type in inetcpl.cpl, and hit enter. This will open up internet properties.
Windows 7 msn not responding_step 1

2. Click on the “Advanced” tab and scroll down till you find “use SSL 3.0” in the security section. if you have earlier versions of Windows, you should also see “use SSL 2.0”. Confirm that the boxes next to them are unchecked. Also, check the boxes next to all the TLS protocols.

Windows 7 msn not responding_step 2

Method 2: Check if your Firewall is interfering with some programs 

Firewalls are important for protecting your device against malicious attacks. But they can also interfere with some of your programs.

To find out if your firewall is what’s causing MSN not to respond, disable the firewall temporarily and then restart internet explorer.

Enable your firewall again and adjust its settings to allow legitimate pages.

You should also contact the anti-malware manufacturer if the issue persists. 

MSN Not Responding In Windows 10: Solutions and Troubleshooting

Windows 10 and up versions come with an inbuilt Troubleshooter that guides users to fix any problems with their computer. Previous versions of Windows came with “Microsoft Fix it” but that was phased out and replaced with Troubleshooter. To check for any recommended troubleshooters:

  1. Go to start button and click on the settings icon.
windows 10 msn not responding_step 1

2. Scroll down the list of settings and click “update and security”.

windows 10 msn not responding_step 2

3. Click “troubleshoot”.

windows 10 msn not responding_step 3

Clicking Troubleshoot will open a section on the right with a list of recommended Troubleshooters.

If there’s an issue with IE, it should be in the list of recommended Troubleshooters.

Clicking on a Troubleshooter should open a list of instructions for it. Follow them to the end to fix the problem.

If you don’t see anything in the Troubleshooters section, use any of the other solutions discussed in this guide, such as resetting the browser, clearing cache and cookies, and checking the settings in your firewall.

MSN Not Responding In Internet Explorer: Solutions and Troubleshooting

Internet Explorer is the foundation of MSN. Therefore, if IE is not working properly, it follows that MSN may also malfunction.

It’s also worth noting that with Microsoft phasing out Internet Explorer in favor of Microsoft Edge, you may experience problems such as MSN feed not working in IE.

The surest fix for issues with MSN not responding in IE is to upgrade to Edge. That said, if you haven’t upgraded to Edge, you could try resetting Internet Explorer. To reset IE:

  1. Type “internet options” in the search box next to the Windows icon. This will open the internet properties dialog box.
IE msn not responding_step 1

2. Click on the “advanced” tab and scroll down and click “reset”.

IE msn not responding_step 2

3. Check the box next to “delete personal settings” and click reset. This action will get rid of any toolbars or anything else that may be in the system.

IE msn not responding_step 3

4. After you click reset, a box will pop up summarizing all the settings that will change.

IE msn not responding_step 4

You also need to check that MSN is set to the default home page. To do that, go back to internet options.

This time while in the general tab, type the MSN address ( and apply. Launch internet explorer to confirm.

Section: MSN Not Responding In Chrome: Solutions and Troubleshooting

If MSN is not responding in Chrome, you can fix it by updating to the latest version of chrome and also clearing browser data.

  1. To update Chrome to the latest version, click on the Chrome menu icon (3 dots arranged vertically on the top right of the page). Click help then choose about Google Chrome.
Chrome_ msn not responding_step 1

2. Chrome will automatically search for updates and update to the latest version. Once the update is complete, relaunch Chrome to complete setup.

Chrome_ msn not responding_step 2

If MSN does not work after a version update, clear browser data as follows:

3. Open the Chrome browser menu by clicking on the 3 dots. Click “more tools” and then “clear browsing data”.

Chrome_ msn not responding_step 3

4. Tick all the options and click “clear data”.

Chrome_ msn not responding_step 4

If clearing browser data does not fix the problem, you should check whether added extensions could be causing MSN not to respond.

5. To remove extensions, open the Chrome menu once again, click more tools and scroll over to extensions.

Chrome_ msn not responding_step 5

6. Check and remove any recent extension installations in the extensions page.

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