Microsoft Exchange Server For Hotmail

You probably want to access your Outlook ( emails from anywhere, and on any device you use. But do you know the exchange server settings that you need to set up your outlook mail on any device?

This article describes Microsoft Exchange, how it differs from outlook, and also tells you the server settings needed to set up outlook, and outlook on the exchange server.

Microsoft Exchange Server For Hotmail

What Is The Microsoft Exchange Server Address For Hotmail?

If you are using MSN mail, Hotmail,, Windows Live Hotmail Plus, Microsoft 365, or Outlook, you can use the following POP or IMAP incoming settings, and SMTP (outgoing settings) to configure your emails on desktop, Android or iPhone.

Microsoft Exchange Server for Hotmail

How Do I Find My Microsoft Exchange Server Name For Hotmail Account?

Knowing the exchange server name and settings can help with setting up new profiles or troubleshooting performance issues.

To find your exchange server address, follow these steps:

  1. Open Outlook, click “file” on the menu bar. This will open up your account information page.
  2. Click “account settings”.
find exchange server 1

3. Again, click account settings on the popup.

find exchange server 2

4. Select your exchange Outlook email account and click “change”.


5. This should take you to a page with your outgoing email server settings and incoming email server settings.

find exchange server 4

You can also find your Microsoft exchange server in outlook on the web (OWA), by going to settings>view all outlook settings> mail>sync email, scroll to the POP and IMAP section to find server settings.

find exchange server on OWA

Is Microsoft Exchange Same As Hotmail?


Both Microsoft Exchange and Hotmail are similar in that you can use any one of them to run Microsoft email accounts. But they are not the same product.

The difference is that Hotmail (Outlook), is a mail client that you can use to run different email accounts, including exchange email, or mail, Gmail, etc.

Outlook is part of Microsoft’s office suite, and by default, most people who need email for personal use Microsoft this email client to run their emails.

Microsoft exchange (or exchange online as it is now called) is a paid subscription product more suitable for businesses and schools that need more storage space, collaboration tools, and more personalized layers of security.

Microsoft exchange emails are stored on the exchange server. How the setup of your exchange account is done will determine how you access your emails.

For instance, using POP settings will download your emails onto your computer, where they will automatically be deleted from the exchange servers. If you use Exchange active sync setup, you can access emails from the server from anywhere and on any device, and even without a connection.

Do Hotmail and Outlook Have The Same Microsoft Exchange?

Essentially yes, as Hotmail and Outlook is one and the same. However, Hotmail was phased out years ago and was relaunched as

All new outlook email setups today default to using exchange server, although Microsoft still supports IMAP setup.

What Are The Hotmail (Outlook) Exchange Server Settings For Android?

To set up Hotmail (outlook) exchange on Android, you need the following server settings:

  • Incoming Server Settings
    • Password: This is your email password
    • Server: If your email account is a, or, use this server setting: 
    • For Microsoft 365 mail accounts, use these server settings:
    • Port: 443 or 993.
    • Security type: SSL/TLS or check the SSL box
  • Outgoing server settings (SMTP)
    • SMTP server: for, or, for Microsoft 365
    • Security Type: TLS
    • Port Number: 587

Now that you have the server settings, you can perform the setup, by following these steps: Go to settings>add account>other>enter email address>select “manual setup”>enter password>click next then enter the following server settings:

Exchange server on Android

What Are The Hotmail (Outlook) Exchange Server Settings For iPhone?

To set up Microsoft 365 via the iOS mail app, use these settings:

  • Email: enter your Microsoft 365 email address:
  • Description: Exchange
  • Password: The password you use for your Microsoft 365 email address
  • Server:

You can also use these server settings if your Microsoft 365 runs through 21 Vianet:

Hotmail (Outlook) exchange server settings for iPhone

If you aren’t using Microsoft 365, you can use as your server.