Make MSN My Homepage (Steps On All Browsers)

Make MSN My Homepage

If you are trying to make MSN your homepage, our detailed but simple instructions will show you how to do just that.

The process varies slightly depending on the browser you are using, but we have all that information for you in this guide.  

Let’s get started.

How To Make MSN Your Homepage On Microsoft Edge

MSN (Microsoft Network) is usually set as the default home page on Microsoft Edge. But if this is not the case on your browser (for instance on my browser, I had set as the default page), follow these steps to make MSN your homepage on Edge.

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge and click on more (…) on the top right corner of the page.
  2. Scroll down the menu and click settings.
Edge_step 1

3. From the settings options, select “start, home and new tabs”.

Edge_step 2

4. The pane that loads will show the URL of the page that opens when you launch your browser, as well as the page launched by that URL. To change that, delete the URL (in the “home button” section) and click save, then delete the home page (in the section named “when Edge starts”).

Edge_step 2a

Note: To delete the page, click on the 3 dots under “add a new page”, then click “delete”.

Edge_step 3

5. Restart the browser; Edge will launch with the default MSN page.

Edge_step 4

Make MSN My Homepage In Internet Explorer

Just like in Microsoft Edge, MSN should be the default home page on Explorer. However, if that’s not the case on your IE browser, you will want to do an MSN homepage restore using these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click on the “Tools” icon (the cogwheel on the top right-hand corner of the page). Scroll down the options and click “Internet options”.
IE_step 1

2. A little box will pop up, showing the url of the home page that the browser is set to.

IE_step 2

3. To change that, click “set to default”. This will load the MSN web address. Click “apply”, then click “ok”.

IE_step 3

4. To confirm the changes have taken effect, click on the home icon (the little house on the top right side of the page). This should load MSN on your browser.

IE_step 4

Why Did My MSN Homepage Disappear?

Sometimes, MSN disappears even after you have set it as the default home page. Below are some reasons that may cause this to happen:  

To change the homepage to MSN on Chrome, do the following:

  • This can be caused by corrupted cookies. To resolve this, clear the cache and cookies from your browser.
  • You have a pop-up blocker causing some elements on your page not to load.
  • Slow internet speed.
  • Your computer could be infected with malware.

    Side Note: If you also find your Hotmail messages have disappeared from your inbox, click here to find out how to fix that issue.

You may also experience this problem if you are using Internet explorer. This is because Microsoft is phasing out IE and is graduating all its users to Edge.

So how do you get the old MSN homepage back in this case?

While for now, you could reset your Explorer and manage to use your old MSN version on IE, that will only be temporary.

You would be better off trying out the new MSN on Edge: It offers a crisper experience and you will not have to worry about interrupted MSN use once IE ramps down.

Note: If MSN is not responding when you try to update, use our linked guide to get it working again.

Make MSN Homepage In Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the customization icon on the screen (3 dots next to your profile button), scroll down the list of options and click settings.
Chrome_step 1

2. Click “appearance” then turn on “show home button” by clicking on the dial next to it.

Chrome_step 2

You’ll see a text box that reads “enter custom web address”.

Chrome_step 3

3. Type in that box, then exit the settings options.

Chrome_step 4

4. To launch MSN, click on the little home icon that appears to the left of the address bar in Chrome.

Chrome_step 5

Another way to make MSN your default homepage in Chrome is to:

  1. Click on the customize chrome icon (three dots) and click “settings”.
Chrome_method 2 step 1

2. Click “on startup” > open specific page or set of pages > add a new page.

Chrome_method 2 step 2

3. Type in the text box and click “add”.

Chrome_method 2 step 3

4. Close and relaunch chrome; it will launch with MSN as the homepage.

Chrome_method 2 step 4

Make MSN Homepage In Firefox

To make MSN the homepage for Firefox,

  1. Open Firefox and click on the menu icon. Scroll down the menu items and select “options”.
Firefox_step 1

2. Click on the “home” icon (little house). In the home page options that load, go over to “homepage and new windows” and click on the dropdown arrow in the box next to it.   The page option is set to “Firefox Home” by default. Change it to “custom URLs”.

Firefox_step 2

3. Type in the custom url box.

Firefox_step 3

4. Close and open Firefox again for the changes to take effect.

Firefox_step 4