How To Share Your Outlook (Hotmail) Calendar

How To Share Your Outlook (Hotmail) Calendar

Outlook (Hotmail) calendar is a convenient way for people to know when you’re available, so they can book a time slot with you. What makes this calendar so useful is the fact that you can share it with others easily.

In this article, let’s see how to share your Outlook calendar with others

Steps To Share Hotmail / Outlook Calendar With Work Colleague

Sharing your Hotmail/Outlook calendar with work colleagues is easy because they will have the same domain name, and hence, will not have restrictions to view/edit your calendar.

Here are the steps to share your calendar.

  • Look for the calendar icon on the left-hand pane and click it.   This opens your Outlook calendar
  • Next, look for an option called “Share” on the top right-hand corner and click it.
share calendar
  • This opens a new dialog box. Look for a text box where you can type your colleague’s email ID. Most times, when Outlook has access to your Contacts, it will prompt the person’s email ID as you type.
enter email ID
  • You also have the option to set permissions on how your colleagues can use your calendar. You can choose from,
    • Can view when I’m busy
    • Can view titles and locations
    • Can view all details
    • Can edit
  • Depending on what you think is appropriate, you can share the necessary permissions. The default is “Can view titles and locations

As soon as you share, Outlook will send a message to your colleague and the other person can view/edit your Calendar, based on the permissions you’ve set.

Steps To Share Hotmail / Outlook Calendar With Someone External

Now, you may wonder if you can use the above steps to share your Outlook/Hotmail calendar with those who are external to your organization.

Yes, the process is fairly the same. Just enter the email ID of the external person. Make sure you enter the right email as there may not be auto-correction or suggestions available especially if you’re emailing to that person for the first time. You’ll see a list of permissions depending on how emails are set up within your organization. Most times, external people can’t edit your Calendar.

external sharing

After setting the permission, simply click the “Share” button and this should send an email to the recipient. They can click on the link to know when you’re available. If you change your mind before sharing, click the “delete” icon next to the Share button and nothing will be shared.

Change Hotmail / Outlook Calendar Permissions

You can always change the Hotmail/Outlook calendar preferences. The easiest option is to click on the three dots next to your calendar and look for an option called “Sharing and permission“. Click that and you’ll get a drop-down box with the four options mentioned above. Depending on what you want, update the preference.

edit calendar

You can even choose to rename your calendar, change its color, add a charm, and more.

How To Stop Sharing Hotmail / Outlook Calendar With Someone

Finally, let’s say you’re done working with an individual and want to stop sharing your Hotmail/Outlook calendar with that person. How do you do that?

Here are the steps:

  • Right-click on the calendar you want to stop sharing and click on Sharing and Permissions. Note that you can’t change permissions on calendars owned by others
  • Enter the email address of the person with whom you want to stop sharing the calendar.
  • Look for a delete icon next to the “Share” button and click that.
  • This will stop the other person from viewing your calendar.