How To Remove Hotmail Account From Windows 10

This is a question we see a lot about this version of Windows and Hotmail. There are a few methods to remove a Hotmail (Microsoft) account from Windows 10. Let’s start with the easiest.

How To Remove Hotmail Account From Windows 10

Method 1: Remove Hotmail From Windows 10 Desktop Settings

  1. Go to ‘Start’ button on your desktop (lower left) and press the ‘Setting’s icon.
  2. In settings, click ‘Accounts’.
hotmail remove windows 10 click accounts tab

3. Once you’re in accounts, go ahead and click ‘Email & Accounts’ on the left panel.

hotmail microsoft ainfo section click accounts

4. Click on the address you want to remove from Windows 10 and press ‘Manage’.


5. Under ‘Delete account from this device’, you can click ‘remove this account from this device’. Click save and you are done.

Delete hotmail account from this device windows 10

6. A prompt will ask you whether you want to ‘Delete account and data”. Click Yes.

7. You can delete workplace or school accounts in the same way by going to ‘access work and school’ section of ‘Accounts’.

manage workplace or school account

Click on the work or school account you want to delete and click ‘disconnect.

remove school or workplace account

Note 1: You won’t be able to delete the Hotmail or Microsoft account while you are signed into it. You will need to be signed into an alternative Hotmail email account or a local account.

Note 2: If you don’t see a ‘delete’ option for an workplace/school account, go to the ‘access work and school’ tab, Click on the work or school account you want to delete, and disconnect the associated email account. Then go back into accounts and you should see the ‘delete’ option. 

Note 3: If you mistakenly deleted your account, we have a guide on how to get your Hotmail account back.

Here are some alternative options to unlink your Hotmail or Microsoft account from Windows 10 in case the first method didn’t work. 

Method 2: Unlink Hotmail/Microsoft Account Through Windows Command 

  1. Press the windows key + the letter ‘R’ on your keyboard. Then type the word ‘netplwiz’ into the search bar and press Ok.The Netplwiz.exe extension is an Advanced Account Control Panel.
windows plus r and press netplwiz

2. In the netplwiz extension you will see a list of account users. Click on the Hotmail account you want to remove from Windows 10 and press remove.

Remove hotmail account through windows netplwiz method 2

3. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm if you want to remove windows hotmail or live account. Click Yes to confirm removal.

method 2 click yes to prompt and remove hotmail account