How To Remove Ads From Hotmail In Chrome (Step By Step)

Ads have become an integral part of our browsing experience and yet, many of us find them annoying and intrusive, especially when we want to read important content like emails.

Unfortunately, Google Chrome Hotmail displays ads and some of them can even interfere with our viewing experience.

So, how to stop ads on your Hotmail email in Chrome? There are many ways to do it, and we will look at all of them.

Methods To Remove Ads In Hotmail (

Here’s a look at the different options to remove ads in the Hotmail classic site within Chrome.

Toggle Off Targeted Ads In Microsoft Settings

A good way to turn off ads in Outlook is to tweak your privacy settings. To do this, go to and sign in with your credentials.  Look for a tab called “Privacy” on the header banner and click it.


Scroll down to “More Privacy Settings” and click “Ad settings”

ad settings

Click the toggle button of “See ads that interest you”

toggle button

Get Chrome Adblocker

The other option is to get Chrome Adblocker. Go to

On the search bar, type “AdBlocker for Outlook” and this should bring up the below screen. Alternatively, click this link


Click the “Add to Chrome” button and confirm your selection. 

Sign Up For Microsoft 365

An easy option is to sign up for Microsoft 365 as there are no ads with this premium service.

There are two plans to choose from – the Microsoft 365 Personal plan costs $69.99 per year while the Microsoft 365 Family plan costs $99.99 per year. 

How To Quickly Remove Ads On The Right Side Of Outlook (Hotmail)

If you’re looking for a temp solution to remove ads on the right-hand side of Outlook, press the “X” icon on top of the ad. 

Next, click the blue button that says, “Block this ad” and finally, select one of the four reasons for blocking it. 

But note that this will remove that ad, but soon another one will take its place. You will have to follow the same process again.

Why Are There Ads In The Hotmail Account?

Ads help to keep the email service free for users. Microsoft earns revenue from ads on the service instead of charging the Hotmail user.