How To Recover A Hotmail Account? (Guide and Best Tips)

Are you unable to access your Hotmail account? Well, I have been there too.

While researching how do I get my Hotmail account back,  I realized there are many ways to do it. In this article, I will be sharing some of the things I did and learned. 

Before we get in though, note that Microsoft deletes some old Hotmail accounts, normally those that have not been signed into for over 2 years. 

I will outline what happens to old Hotmail accounts under certain conditions, so you know why Hotmail recovery is not working for you.

Let’s get started.

How To Recover A Hotmail Account

Hotmail Accounts Recovery Methods

Sometimes, there may be a typo error in your password or you can misspell it. In such cases, you will get a message that states, “Your account or password is incorrect.”

Try the following methods to see if you can recover your password.

  • Check if the caps lock is on and do a spell check.
  • Retype the username and password slowly.
  • Clear your browser history
  • Try signing from a different browser/device
  • Check for saved passwords across the devices you use.

If none of these work, reset your password.

Reset Your Password

To reset the password, click the “Forgot Password” link present just below the password text box.

You will be asked to verify your identity and this can entail entering the answer to a secret question you set up, multi-factor authentication, etc, depending on which recovery method you used at the time of setup.

Sometimes, it can also be a code that’s emailed to a backup email ID or a text message to the connected phone number. Once you choose your most convenient verification option, simply verify your identity, and reset your password. 

When you enter the new password, you can access your Hotmail account again.

Microsoft Account Recovery Form

If the above verification methods don’t work or if you did not set one up at the time of creating an account, fill out the Microsoft account recovery form.

Go to and create an account with a working email ID. Microsoft will send updates about your recovery process to this email ID.

Next, go to to fill out the form. Enter the email ID you’re trying to recover and the email ID you’re currently using. Also, enter the random captcha code shown on the page.

Next, you will get a code to the email ID you’re using. Open the email and enter the code that was sent.


Once you verify the code, you will have the option to reset your password, and you should be able to access your Hotmail. 

Is There A Hotmail Account Recovery Phone Number I Can Ring?

Yes, but this option is available only for business users. 

If you’re in the US, call (800) 642 7676 or (800) 892 5234 (TTY) to speak to a customer care representative. Other countries have different numbers, so make sure to check out Microsoft’s list of global numbers for your country. 

For Home edition users, click here to request a callback.

Is There A Hotmail Account Recovery Live Chat Option?

No, Microsoft doesn’t have a separate live chat option for Hotmail account recovery.

How Do I Find My Recovery Code For Hotmail?

There are many ways to generate your recovery code. 

In the first option, log into your account and validate your identity by answering your secret question, receiving a code in the associated phone or email ID, etc.

Once your identity is confirmed, a reset code is generated. You can use it to access your account.

If you’re unable to verify your identity, go to and follow the process to get your recovery code. 

You can also find this recovery code on your Outlook web and desktop app. Go to Profile > My Account.

Look for an option called “Security Info” on the left-hand pane.

security info

Look for an option called “Explore more options to keep your account secure” and click it. You will see a 25-digit recovery code that you can use to access your account. 

What To Do When Hotmail Account Recovery Form Is Denied?

If your Hotmail account recovery form is denied, you can try up to two times a day.

However, note that if you don’t remember enough information about your account, you will not be able to successfully recover it. 

You can also reach out to Microsoft’s general support team for more information.

Are Old Hotmail Accounts Deleted?

If your Hotmail signup recovery is not working, there’s a high chance that your account is deleted. 

After two years of inactivity, Microsoft deletes your Hotmail account and all its content such as emails, folders, or any other data in it. In short, everything is lost.  

Can You Recover An Old Hotmail Account Deleted By Microsoft? 

No, unfortunately, you can’t recover an old Hotmail account that was deleted by Microsoft. 

Find Hotmail Password Without Resetting: Tactics

So, how to recover a Hotmail password without resetting it? 

Here are some tips that can come in handy with your Microsoft account recovery.

  • Make sure that your account is active. That’s the easiest way to have your Hotmail account back. Log in once every few weeks.
  • Set up an alternate email ID or associate it with a phone number, so you can recover your password right away. Having a security question and a secret answer will also help.
  • Before clicking any link, check if it includes If not, never enter your password as it could be a phishing site.
  • Make sure to have strong passwords that are not easy to guess.
  • It’s good to have antivirus software to protect your computer from any virus attack. 

If you want to find your Hotmail password without resetting it, go to and click the “I forgot my password” link. 

Enter your email address and confirm your identity. You will get a reset code and using it, you can recover your Hotmail password.

Also, your password is the same as your Hotmail password, so you can use your Outlook app to find the Hotmail password. 

Thus, these are some tips on how to recover a Hotmail account.