How To Logout Of Hotmail?

Can’t sign out of Hotmail?

You’re in the right place! There are many ways to log out of Hotmail depending on the device you use, and in this article, I will show you how.

How To Logout Of Hotmail

Logging Out Of Hotmail In Web Browser / Laptop

Logging out of Hotmail in your web browser is fairly simple.

Log into your Hotmail account and click on your profile picture or initials at the top right-hand corner. Look for an option called “Sign Out” right below and click it.

sign out

This will sign you out of the web browser or laptop. 

Logging Out Of Hotmail On Phone

Let’s first talk about logging out of Hotmail on your phone. Note that the process is the same for both Android and iPhones. Also, the below-mentioned steps will log you out of this device only and you will remain logged in to other devices. 

  • Open the Outlook app on your phone. This is what it looks like.
Outlook app
  • Look for your profile photo in the top left-hand corner. If you don’t have an image of yourself, you will see the generic image of a person. Tap that profile picture.
  • At the left-hand bottom, you will see a “gear” image. This denotes Settings. Click this.
  • All the Hotmail accounts set up on this device will show up. Select the account you want and look for an option called “Delete Account” at the bottom. Click this button to remove a particular Hotmail account from your device. Don’t worry as this will not delete your Hotmail account completely. You will still be able to access it from other devices.
  • You will be asked to confirm your selection. Simply press “Delete”
confirm deletion

You can always sign in on this device by clicking the “Add Account” option in Settings. 

Note: If you instead want to remove a Hotmail account from Windows 10, click on the hyperlink for instructions.

How To Sign Out Of Hotmail From All Other Devices

A simple way to log out of all the devices is to change your Hotmail password on any one device. Next time, when you want to access the Hotmail account from another device, you will have to log in with the new password.

We have a whole bunch of articles on how to reset your Hotmail password and what to do if you forget your password which you can find in the search bar. Make sure to check them out!

If you don’t want to change your password, go to 

You will see a bunch of tiles on the homepage. Click on “Advanced Security Options.”

How To Sign Out of Hotmail From All Other Devices_a

Look for an option called “Sign me out” and click it. You will be asked to confirm your selection.

How To Sign Out of Hotmail From All Other Devices_b

Once you do, you will get a confirmation message from Microsoft that it may take up to 24 hours for Microsoft to log you out of all the devices. 

No Options To Logout Of Hotmail Solutions

Still can’t sign out of Hotmail?

Here are some things to try.

  • Clear your browser history and cookies.
  • Open in incognito mode, log into your account, and see if you can sign out.
  • Update your browser to the latest version.
  • Try on a different device
  • Consider logging out of all devices or changing your password to automatically log out.