How To Get Hotmail On iPad

How To Get Hotmail On iPad

Adding Hotmail to your iPad mail service will allow you to handle your mail, calendar, contacts, notes, and notifications from one device. 

You probably already know this but may still be wondering., “but how do I access my Hotmail account on my iPad?” 

We have created this step-by-step guide, to show you how. 

Alternatively, you can learn to set up Hotmail on your iPhone through the link here.

Or learn to set up a Hotmail account without a phone number through the hyperlink here.

How To Set Hotmail on Ipad / Ipad Mini

Before you begin, make sure you have your email address and password

  1. Go to settings
step 1

2. Scroll down in your settings options and click on mail, contacts, and calendars.

step 2

3. Click ‘add account’. A list of email providers will pop up.

step 3

4. Select ‘other’ and then click ‘add mail account’.

step 4a and b

5. Type in your name, email, password, and description. For description, choose something memorable. For example, “ Family Hotmail account”. 

Once done, click ‘next’. Your phone will look up your account and verify the information. It will also pull up all your account information for you.

step 5

6. Your account will load once the verification is done.

step 6

7. Your Hotmail account should now be visible in your settings under mail, contacts, an

d calendars.

step 7

How To Set Hotmail on Ipad Pro / Ipad Air

You can use the same process described above to set up Hotmail on your Ipad pro and Ipad Air.  

That said, most iPhone and iPad users prefer to use the ‘’ option and not the ‘other’ option to add Hotmail to their iOS mail app. Other users also use Exchange. 

All three options will import your Hotmail to your iOS device successfully. But there are some differences: 

  • If you use the Exchange option, you will need to verify the server name during setup. Using the wrong server name will interfere with your Hotmail working successfully on your iPad. 
  • Setting up Hotmail under ‘other’ will only import your mail. Exchange and Outlook configurations will show you mail, calendar, contacts, and notifications. Note that contacts are disabled by default. If you want to import your contacts from Hotmail, you need to enable this option. 

Reasons For Hotmail Not Working On iPad

Sometimes Hotmail can fail to work on your iPad. This problem is especially common among newer iPad models, or anyone using a newer iOS. 

The most common factors that might cause Hotmail failure on iOS include the following: 

  1. Your mail for iOS settings might not be properly configured.

By default, iCould uses push mail while all other email services (Gmail, Hotmail, exchange, Yahoo), are configured to use fetch mail in iOS

If the fetch option isn’t enabled in your Hotmail iPad settings, you will have a problem getting your emails. Another setting you want to look at is the fetch interval you have set in your device. 

Manual refresh, or a long refresh period will delay your emails getting into the inbox. 

  1. The settings in your Hotmail account might be interfering with proper mail functioning. 

You will have a challenge receiving Hotmail emails on your iPad if:

This problem could also be caused by internet failure. Therefore, check your internet connection before you start interfering with your Hotmail iPad setup.