How To Forward Hotmail To Gmail

How To Forward Hotmail To Gmail

Hotmail was once synonymous with email, but in the last few decades, Gmail has taken the lead. Today, it’s common for many people to have both accounts. If you’re one of them, read on as we show you how to forward your Hotmail emails to Gmail

Can you forward emails from Hotmail (Outlook) to Gmail (Outlook)?

Yes, you can forward emails from Hotmail to Gmail. 

If you want to migrate from Hotmail to Gmail, simply forward all your Hotmail emails to Gmail, and close your Hotmail account. But if you want to keep both, you can set up email forwarding, so you receive Hotmail emails in Gmail. You can also send from your Hotmail ID through your Gmail account. This way, you have to only log into your Gmail account to read and send emails from both accounts. 

Next, we’ll see how you can set this up.

Steps To Forward Emails From Hotmail To Gmail account

Here are the steps to forward emails from your Hotmail to Gmail account. 

  1. Open your Gmail account and navigate to the cog icon on the top right-hand corner. Click on it to access your Gmail Settings.
  2. Navigate to Accounts and Import
accounts and import

3. Navigate to Check email from other accounts and click on Add a Mail Account.

4. Add your Hotmail email address. If it prompts for a server address, add “” for the POP3 server and mention the port number as 995. Check the “Always use SSL for retrieving email” option. 

5. If you want to leave a copy of the email on your Hotmail account, check the “Leave a copy of the retrieved email on the server” option.

Now, if you want to send emails from your Gmail, but using your Hotmail email address, follow the below steps.

  1. On the Accounts and Import page, go to Send mail as and click Add another email address.
send email

2. Choose the “Yes, I want to send email as [email protected]” option

3. In the next step, add the Hotmail account.

4. Choose the Send Verification option and Gmail will automatically send a code to your Hotmail account.

5. Open your Hotmail account, get the security code, and add it to the prompt box in Gmail.

That’s it. With this, both the accounts are linked and you can now forward Hotmail emails to Gmail and use your Hotmail ID to send emails from Gmail.

Note: Alternatively, if you want to migrate from Gmail to Hotmail, click on the hyperlink.

Can you forward emails from Hotmail to more than one account?

Now, you may wonder if it’s possible to forward emails from your Hotmail to more than one account. Yes, it’s possible and you’ll have to create a filter to forward messages

To create a filter, go to your Gmail. Click the “down” arrow in the search box and you’ll see a bunch of criteria. Click on the “Create filter” option and tell the filter what it should do.

create filter

Here, choose “Only forward certain kinds of messages” and this will create filters to forward certain messages to specific email IDs. 

Reasons Why Hotmail Is Not Forwarding Emails To Gmail

It’s a fairly straightforward process to forward emails from Hotmail to Gmail. But sometimes, it may not work and it could be due to the following reasons.

  • A typo in the Hotmail ID you entered
  • If you haven’t done the verification
  • Problems in Outlook configuration