How To Forward Gmail To Hotmail

How To Forward Gmail To Hotmail

This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to autoforward your Gmail to your Hotmail account. 

Doing so allows you to receive all your emails and notifications in one place without needing to manage multiple email addresses. 

Can You Forward Emails From Gmail To Hotmail (Outlook)?

Yes. You can forward all your emails from Gmail, including notifications from Google Drive and Google Classroom, to your Hotmail. 

To forward Gmail messages to Hotmail, you only need to adjust the email forwarding settings on Gmail. No setup is required on Hotmail; once the setup is completed on Gmail, you’ll start receiving emails from Gmail into your Hotmail inbox. 

Steps To Forward Emails From Gmail To Hotmail account

  1. Go to chrome and click on the waffle, then click on Gmail.
Step 1

2. Once in Gmail, click on the Settings cogwheel, then click ‘see all  settings’.

step 2

3. Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP from the settings options.

step 3

4. Click on the very top option that says ‘Add a forwarding address’.

step 4

5. Type in your email address and click ‘next’.

step 5

6. Click ‘proceed’ to confirm that your emails should be forwarded to the specified address. 

A notification will pop up on the screen informing you that a confirmation has been sent to the specified email. Click ‘ok’ to close that notification.

step 6

7. Open the notification email in Hotmail and copy the confirmation code.

step 7

8. Go back to Gmail and paste the confirmation code in the ‘confirmation code’ area. Click ‘verify’.

step 8

Notice how the entire forwarding section opens up after confirming the email. 

The ‘disable forwarding’ button is enabled by default, but you want to click on the button below it to allow forwarding.

step 8a

This would also be a good time to specify another Hotmail email address if you have more than one. You can do that by clicking on the drop-down next to the email address.

step 8b

In addition, you can choose the actions you’d like Hotmail to perform after receiving your emails,e.g., keep them in the inbox, mark them as read, archive, or delete.

9. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings options and click ‘save changes’ to start receiving your Gmail emails in your Hotmail account.

step 9

Can you forward emails from Gmail to more than one account

Yes, and No. 

You can only forward all Gmail messages to one account. 

You can only use multiple accounts with the filter option —where you group your messages into types. You’ll then need to specify a different forwarding email address for each email group. 

Reasons Why Gmail Is Not Forwarding Emails To Hotmail

Importing to Gmail to Hotmail should work smoothly after you complete your setup. But you could also encounter some issues. 

Several factors might contribute to your emails from Gmail not forwarding to Hotmail. But the most common among them is that your forwarded emails are routed through Gmail and aren’t addressed to Hotmail.

Due to this discrepancy, Hotmail might mark all forward emails as spam. Add your email address to your safe list in Hotmail to prevent this from happening again.