How To Fix Hotmail Not Working On Safari

How To Fix Hotmail Not Working On Safari

Have you been going crazy trying to figure out why your Hotmail account isn’t loading properly?

As with most other Windows-based apps, compatibility issues can occur when using Hotmail on MacOS. But compatibility isn’t the only factor that can cause Hotmail not to load on Safari.

What Could Cause Hotmail Not to Work on Safari?

There are a few reasons why your Hotmail may not load properly. These include:

  • If you’re on an outdated browser, you might have difficulty loading the latest version of Hotmail. Make sure you update to the latest version.
  • If you have too many tabs open on Safari at one time. This can cause loading problems with any website.
  • Poor internet connection
  • Problems with OS update or your anti-virus

There are several quick fixes to this problem and we’ll go through them below.

Methods to fix problem with Hotmail Not working on Safari

Method 1: Check the Internet Connection

Internet connection is the first thing you should check if Hotmail is not loading properly. You can do this using ‘terminal’, which is built into Mac.

 i. To open terminal, go to the spotlight app and type ‘terminal’. You can also use Siri if you prefer voice commands.

Method 1_step 1

ii. Type ‘ping’ in the terminal window and press return on your keyboard.

Method 1_step 2

iii. Your computer will run a series of continuous ping tests. The results of your ping test will show you the consistency of your connection.

Method 1_step 3

If you notice too many timeouts, this shows you have a bad internet connection. To resolve, restart your modem or router; contact your internet service provider if this does not work.

Method 2: Upgrade To A Newer Version of Safari

If you’re using an older version of Safari, one possible fix would be to update to the latest version. This will give you improved functionality and more compatibility with third-party web pages like Hotmail. Note: This also helps fix the ‘400 bad request’ error in Hotmail.

Method 3: Check If Your Anti-Virus Program Has Flagged Hotmail

Antivirus programs can sometimes flag harmless applications causing them not to load. You may be tempted to disable your antivirus program in such cases but this is not recommended (not even temporarily).

Instead, go to the settings section of your antivirus and add Hotmail as a trusted app.

Method 3_specify trusted applications

The steps for doing this will depend on your specific anti-virus. Restart your browser or device once done to check if this solves the problem.

Method 4: Clear Cache Memory and Cache Cookies on Safari Web Browser

If you’re using Safari, one way to fix Hotmail not loading on Safari is to clear your cache memory and cache cookies. To do this:

i. Go to Safari>preferences.

method 4_step 1

ii. Then go to security>manage website data.

method 4_step 2

iii. Search the cookie directory and click remove, or simply click on remove all to delete all cookies.

method 4_step 3

Close the browser window and reopen your Hotmail account to see if it loads properly now!

Note: Clearing the cache can also help solve pictures not loading properly in Hotmail.

Method 5: Update the macOS

If none of the fixes above work, you should try updating your OS to the latest version. Older OS versions can tend to be buggy and interfere with many applications, especially.

Method 6: Connect Using HTTPS

Some network settings, especially those related to proxy servers can affect internet access.

As a final solution, try to disable all proxies to see if this fixes the issue. To shut down proxies,

i. Click on the apple logo, then select preferences.

method 6_step 1

ii. Click network.

method 6_step 2

iii. Click the wi-fi tab and then click advanced.

method 6_step 3

iv. Go to the proxies tab and make sure all the proxies are unchecked, then click ok.

method 6_step 4

Now try logging in.

Note: This proxy server tip can also fix the error, ‘Your Hotmail settings are out of date.’

Solutions If You Cannot Sign Out Of Hotmail on Safari

Sometimes, Hotmail just doesn’t sign out on Safari even when you click on the sign out button. To solve this problem, you have to force sign out by doing the following:

i. Open safari and go to preferences.

cant log out of safari_step 1

ii. Next, click on Apple Id>overview.

iii. Finally, click sign out.

Reopen Safari, then log into Hotmail. Try to log out of Hotmail to see if it works this time.


How do I access Hotmail on Safari?

To access Hotmail on Safari, simply log into your Microsoft account on the Safari browser. You might need to enable Https by:

i. Going to options>more options.

ii. Go to customize Hotmail> advanced privacy settings

iii. Activate HTTPs

How do I empty my cache in Safari?

To empty cache in safari, add the develop tab in the menu bar by going to Safari>preferences>advanced>show develop menu in the menu bar. Once the develop tab is visible on the menu bar, click on it and click ‘empty caches’ to clear all cookies and caches.

What does Clearing Safari cache do?

Clearing Safari cache removes all temporary files that have been stored by your computer during browsing. This helps deal with any corrupted files interfering with programs.