How To Fix Error 0xc3360bc6

How To Fix Error 0xc3360bc6

The Error Code 0xc3360bc6 is a Windows error code that indicates a problem accessing media files or playing videos on the computer. It could be related to a hardware issue, but a software glitch more likely causes it. 

Usually, it appears when you try to play a file, access a folder, or launch an app.

What Causes Error 0xc3360bc6

You might encounter error 0xc3360bc6 due to the following reasons: 

When you have installed the wrong driver. A driver is necessary for the operating system to communicate with your hardware components. If you have not installed it correctly, you may see this error code.

You are trying to play the wrong type of file. You are likely to see windows media player error 0xc3360bc6 if you try to play a video file in Windows Media Player but choose the wrong video format. The same goes if you try to play a video from the internet instead of from your local storage device.

You have selected the wrong file version. In certain cases, versions of the same device may require other drivers. For instance, if you have an iPad2 and want to use it with Windows 10 (which is incompatible), you may see this error code.

You haven’t installed a media player. If there is no media player installed on your computer, you won’t be able to view or play any media files. This includes movies and TV shows downloaded from the internet and locally saved files.

The license on your rental has expired. You may also experience this error when you rent a movie but play it after its license has expired. Licenses for movies and tv shows on Xbox last 24 hours from the moment you click on the play button. If you try to play the movie outside of this window of time, you will receive Error 0xc3360bc6.

Solutions To Error 0xc3360bc6

Method 1: Use The Troubleshooter

  1. Go to start>settings>updates and security.
method 1_step 1

2. In the settings window, go to troubleshoot>video playback>run troubleshooter.

method 1_step 2

After applying the fixes recommended by the troubleshooter, restart your computer and check if this fixes the issue.

Method 2: Reset The App

  1. Click on the windows icon>settings>Apps.
method 2_step 1

2. Click Apps and features>movies and tv>advanced options.

method 2_step 2

3. Scroll down to the ‘reset’ option and click ‘repair’ or ‘reset’. Repair will not affect the app’s data, while ‘reset’ will delete all app data.

method 2_step 3

Method 3: Adjust Permission Settings

  1. Go to the file you are trying to play, right-click on it and click properties.
Method 3_step 1

2. Open the security tab and click ‘advanced settings’.

Method 3_step 2

3. Click ‘change’ next to ‘owner’.

Method 3_step 3

4. Type ‘everyone’ in the text box titled ‘enter the object name to select’, click ‘check names’, and finally click ‘ok’.

Method 3_step 4

Method 4: Renew File License 

You can get error code 0xc3360bc6 on Xbox one when trying to play expired files. 

You should renew the license for the file you are trying to play if your error reads as follows 0xc3360bc6 the license for this content has expired.