How To Disable News and Interests In Windows

How To Disable News and Interests In Windows

Windows 10 has a built-in News and Interests feature that lets you get news and updates from the web, including social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is great if you want to keep up with your favorite celebrities or sports teams. 

But the news and interests feature can be a significant source of distractions for many people. It frequently pops up with unexpected and unwanted notifications, making it difficult to focus on other tasks. 

The news and interests feature also takes up a lot of Ram, interfering with your machine’s smooth running of more essential processes. 

As such, most people prefer to remove Microsoft interests and disable Microsoft news to avoid these inconveniences.

This article will show you how to remove Microsoft news from the taskbar in Windows 10. Keep reading to find out 

Different Ways To Disable News and Interests Taskbar In Windows

Below are three methods you can use to disable the news feed in Windows 10

Method 1: Disable News and Interests From Windows Taskbar

  1. Click anywhere on the taskbar 
  2. Hover over the ‘News and interests’ option 
  3. Click ‘turn off’ to disable
Disable from Windows taskbar

Method 2: Use The Group Policy Editor

The Group Policy Editor is a built-in tool in Windows that lets you create or edit Group Policy settings. You can use the Group Policy Editor to disable news and topics in the Windows feed. 

To disable news and interests in the Group Policy Editor, Click the Windows key, and then on the keyboard, type “gpedit.msc” and press Enter. Click ‘edit group policy. A pane will open up on the right side. Click ‘edit group policy’ again on that pane. Give a moment for the group policy editor to load.

method 2_step 1

2. In the group policy editor, click on computer configuration, scroll down to administrative templates and click on that option.

method 2_step 2

3. Double click on windows components on the right pane, then scroll until you see ‘news and interests’. Double click to open it.

method 2_step 3

4. Double click ‘enable news and interests on the taskbar. A new settings window will pop up.

method 2_step 4

5. Click ‘disabled’, then click ‘ok’ and ‘apply’.

method 2_step 5

Method 3: Using The Registry Editor

  1. On the search box, type ‘regedit’ in the search box and click ‘open’. Click ‘yes’ in the user control window to allow the registry editor to make changes to your computer.
Method 3_step 1

2. Next, click on the arrow next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

Method 3_step 2

3. Then click software>Microsoft>Windows>Current Version.

Method 3_step 3

4. Find and click on ‘Feeds’ under ‘current version’, then navigate to the right pane, right-click on ‘ShellFeedsTaskbarViewMode’ and click ‘modify’.

Method 3_step 4

5. Click inside the value data box and type ‘2’. Click ‘ok’.

Method 3_step 5

What Does News and Interests On Your Windows 10 Taskbar Let You Do?

News and interests in Windows 10 appear as a weather widget next to the notification area.

What News and Interests lets you do

This feature gives you quick access to: 

  • Local weather
  • Traffic information
  • Trending News 
  • Sports 
  • Stocks and more 

All this information is presented in stackable blocks like the Live Tiles pane in the Start menu. You can always adjust the content that appears in the experience by modifying it. 
If you find something interesting but don’t have enough time, you can save it for later viewing or sharing.