How To Delete All Emails From One Sender In Hotmail

Hotmail or where your emails are held make deleting emails from one sender pretty easy. We’ve outlined the steps below.

How To Delete All Emails From One Sender In Hotmail
  1. Login to Hotmail (
  2. Click into an email from the sender you want to delete.
  3. In the header toolbar, click the sweep button.
press sweep button

4. You will give four different options to delete the emails. You can delete all Hotmail emails now and in the future from the sender or keep the latest email and delete the rest. 

5. You can also achieve the same results by clicking the ‘Move to’ button in the header toolbar. Scroll down to ‘Move all messages from’ and you can delete all message from the sender.

move to button hotmail

Note: if you actually want to know how to delete a Hotmail account click on the hyperlink.

Deleting Alternative: Archive Hotmail Emails

If you are a little unsure about whether you might need the email again, you could archive them instead. This will allow you to restore them at a later date if needed but removes them from clogging up your inbox in the meantime. 

  1. Simply click the archive button in the header toolbar to move the email out of your inbox and into the archive folder.
archive button

Note: If some emails go missing from your inbox that you didn’t intend to delete, read our hyperlinked guide to get them back.