How To Create and Email Groups In Hotmail (Quick Tips)

Many times, I have to send emails to an entire group of people. I’m sure you would agree that sending the same email separately to different individuals is a sheer waste of time and effort.

Thankfully, Hotmail supports groups and contact lists, so I can send a single email to all the members of the group. 

In this article, I will show you how to create Hotmail groups and send emails to all the members in one go. 

How To Create and Email Groups In Hotmail

How To Create A Group In Hotmail (Outlook)

You can create groups and use a contact list in Hotmail for sending messages.

The process is the same in both the web and desktop apps. 

(Tip: If you need to recall Hotmail email that you sent to a group, click the hyperlink for steps to do this.)

Open the web app and look for the “people” icon on the left-hand pane.

People icon outlook

When you click this icon, the “People” tab opens. 

Look for a button called “New Contact” and click it. This will open a drop-down menu and from this menu, choose “New Contact List.”

new contact list hotmail

A dialog box will open and in that, give a name for your contact list, and start adding email addresses to this list. 

Once you’re done adding the addresses, click the Create button. 

This will create a contact list for you and from now on, simply mention the contact list name to send emails to all the addresses present in it.

hotmail contact list

How To Send A Group Email In Hotmail

To send an email to a group, 

  • Open your Hotmail and look for a blue button called “New Message”
  • Look for an option called “Bcc” and add that.
  • Start typing the name of your group in the Bcc field and Hotmail will prompt the group name. Enter the name of the group.
group email

Note that you can add the group email to the “To” or “Cc” fields as well. I have used “Bcc” as an example here. 

  • Type the rest of your message and click the Send button to send the email.

Add or Delete Members To A Hotmail Group or Contact List

To add or delete members to your Hotmail group or contact list, open Outlook.

On the left-hand pane, look for an option called “Groups” and click it.


Next, click on “Manage Groups”

manage groups

This will open all the groups. Click on the group to which you want to add or remove members.

To add people, select “Add Members”, enter the email address, and click OK.

When it comes to removing members, note that only owners can do that. Instead of “Add Members”, select “Edit Group”. This will list all the members.

When you hover the mouse over the member you want to remove, the “X” sign will become visible. Click that to remove the member from the group.

remove member

How To Delete A Whole Group In Hotmail

You can delete entire groups too instead of individual members. To do this:

Go to “Manage Groups” as described in the previous section. Click on a group and navigate to the “Edit Group” option. 

On the bottom left-hand corner look for a button called “Delete Group”. You will be asked to confirm your selection and after this, click the “Delete” button. This will delete the entire group in Hotmail.

Export Hotmail Group or Contact List

You can export your Hotmail Group or contact list to a CSV file. 

Open your Hotmail account and click “Contacts” on the left-hand bar below “Inbox”. If you don’t find it there, click the “People” icon on the left-most bar, and on the “People” page, you’ll see Contacts.


Click “Your Contacts” and look for an option called “Manage” on the right-hand top corner.

Click this dropdown menu and select “Export Contacts”

export contacts

In the dialog box that opens, click the “Export” button and all your contacts will be exported to a CSV file.