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Hotmail is a free email web service owned by Microsoft. In 2013, was integrated into Microsoft’s personal information web application called A Hotmail account on includes not just webmail but also calendaring tasks, and contacts services. 

If you don’t already have a Microsoft account, you can use our step-by-step guide below to get your free Hotmail (outlook) account set up in a few minutes.

hotmail sign up

How To Sign up For Hotmail

Signing up for a free Hotmail (outlook) account is a straightforward process. Even after rebranding to Outlook, you can still choose a email address on sign up. Follow the steps below to get set up.

1. Go to Outlook sign up page through our button below (Use this Hotmail login link if you already have an account).

2. Click on ‘Create Free Account’.

3. In the ‘Create Account’ section, change the @ extension to or leave it as Whichever you prefer.

Change email extension to on sign up

4. The next screen asks you to create a password. Ensure it’s a strong password with a mix of capital letters and special characters. Take the Hotmail password down in a safe place.

5. Add your first and last name to the following screen.

6. You will next be asked to provide a country or region and your date of birth. Your country/region can be your place of birth or the country you currently live in. Date of birth is required to enable age-appropriate settings.

hotmail date of birth and country details request on sign up

7. The next screen will ask you to solve a puzzle to ensure you are not a spam robot. The puzzle is simple, pick a specific animal from 6 options for example. 

hotmail robot puzze to create account

8. You should then be taken to the Hotmail/ web app where there will be a welcome email in your inbox. You are now set up! will give you a 6 step process to get started including importing your contacts, getting outlook on your iphone or android and providing the option to upgrade to Microsoft Office 365, their premium product.

new hotmail account created screen

What Is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is the premium subscription service for Outlook/

For a yearly fee, you get 50GB storage instead of 15GB with a basic Hotmail or Outlook account.

You can create email addresses with custom domain names ([email protected]), receive greater malware protection and it’s also ad-free. previously had a subscription service called Outlook Premium with these added features but it was discontinued in 2017. The Outlook Premium features were then included in the Microsoft 365 package.

Microsoft 365 sign up and hotmail versus microsoft 365 features
Hotmail vs Microsoft 365

Is Hotmail Microsoft?

The short answer is yes. Microsoft bought Hotmail in December 1997 for around $400 million from its original founders. Hotmail was then integrated into Microsoft’s product offering and was rebranded as MSN Hotmail.

Microsoft launched a new type of email system in 2006 and MSN Hotmail became Windows Live Hotmail at this point. The original plan was to drop the Hotmail name and go with Windows Live Mail but beta-testers were confused when Hotmail was removed. 

Is Hotmail The Same As Outlook?

hotmail is now

Starting in 2012, was fully rebranded and redesigned to become With this came a new user interface and upgraded features such as displaying more messages.

You can still create new Hotmail email addresses under for free and this email service is still owned by Microsoft.

If you already had a email address, don’t worry. This will not be changed and old data and messages will remain. Be sure to login into Hotmail at least once every two years though as the Microsoft network will automatically delete your account after this time elapses.