How To Check Hotmail Recent Activity (And History)

Having a Microsoft Hotmail account gives you access to Microsoft’s apps and services, and allows you to synchronize your files and data across your devices.

But as your Microsoft account is an online account, this introduces outside security threats that may compromise your account.

As a countermeasure, Microsoft introduced the activity page to help users track all activity in their accounts. It’s always best to visit this page regularly, especially when you receive alerts from Microsoft regarding suspicious activity detected on your account.

Note: If your account has been hacked, read our article, ‘What To Do If Your Hotmail Account Is Hacked.’

hotmail recent activity

Does Outlook / Hotmail Track Activity?

Yes. Outlook tracks all activity on your account and stores this information on the recent activity page.

But what is the Hotmail recent activity page?

We’ll talk about it in this article and also look at steps for checking your recent activity in Outlook.

What Is The Hotmail Recent Activity Page?

The Hotmail Recent activity page sits within your Microsoft account dashboard and gives you a 30-day overview of how you have used your Microsoft Account.

It shows details such as log-in location, time, browser, and network. In other words, it helps you answer questions such as:
– When did you log in?
– From where did you log in?
– Did you log in using a web browser?
– What kind of network did you use, cellular or wi-fi?

Any login activity that falls under the “recent activity” section of the activity page is legitimate, and therefore nothing to worry about. On the other hand, any activity categorized as suspicious will appear under ‘unusual activity’.

Go through the list of unusual activities and select “this was me” if you performed the activity, or “this wasn’t me” if you did not.

  • If you respond with “this wasn’t me”, Microsoft will classify the activity as a threat and block it.
  • In addition, if you didn’t perform a listed activity -or just don’t remember doing it, change your password and also update the security settings of your Microsoft account.
  • You should also check the devices listed under the “devices” tab and remove any connected devices that you do not trust.

How Do You Check Recent Activity In Hotmail?

  1. Open your web browser and sign into your account.
  2. Once logged in, go to your account name/icon on the top right corner of your account, and click on “my Microsoft account”.
sign into activity page_step 1

3. Click on activity history under the privacy tab to check Hotmail login history.

sign into activity page_step 2

4. To check all sign in and other account activity to date, click on the security tab in the top tool bar and under the tab with “sign in activity”, click “view my activity”.

sign into activity page_step 3
activity page