How To Fix Hotmail Error 80041004

There are several issues that come up while using Outlook, such as Microsoft Hotmail error 80041004.

In this article, we will mention briefly the possible reasons behind this error code and guide you through 3 methods for fixing Hotmail error 80041004.

How To Fix Hotmail Error 80041004 methods

When Does Hotmail Outlook Error 80041004 Usually Occur?

Microsoft Hotmail error code 80041004 may occur due to

  • Browser issues
  • Corrupt registry keys
  • Missing .dll files.
  • If your Hotmail account is not configured properly

Methods To Fix Hotmail Error 80041004

Method 1:  Remove and add account again in outlook

  1. On your desktop, double click on the control panel to open it. Type “mail” in the search bar within the control panel.
method 1_image 1

2. Double click on Microsoft outlook email, then click “email accounts” in the box that opens.

method 1_image 2

3. Click “New” to add a new email address. Enter the password and continue to set it up.

method 1_image 3

4. Enter your name, email address, and password. Click next if you are using outlook 365.

method 1_image 4

5. If you are not using Office 365 or Exchange active sync, click “manual setup or additional server types”. This will bring you to this page. Choose the relevant account type and click “Next”.  (note: on this page, you still have the option of choosing automatic setup if you are on Exchange active sync or 365)

method 1_image 5

6. Enter the server settings for your account type. (You can refer to this guide we wrote on Exchange sync set up and POP/IMAP server settings.)

method 1_image 6b

Click Next to complete setup.

7. Go back to your Hotmail account settings. Select your old email account and click “remove”.

method 1_image 7

8. Close and launch outlook again. Send a test email to see if the issue is fixed.

Note: For those asking, Hotmail Connector is not related to this issue from our research.

Method 2: Create A New Outlook Profile

If the method above doesn’t fix Outlook error 80041004, use the follow these steps to create a new Outlook profile:

  1. Open the control panel. You can either do this by typing “run cmd” next to the start (windows) button. Then type this command (control.exe) and hit enter. You can also go to the desktop and double click on control panel.
method 2_image 1

2. Find and double click on the outlook mail app in the control panel.

method 2_image 2

3. Click “show profiles”.

method 2_image 3

4. This will open up a box showing the number of profiles set up on your outlook. Click “add” to create a new profile. Also ensure that “prompt for a profile to be used” is selected, as this gives you the option to always choose the profile you want to use.

method 2_image 4

5. Type in the name of your new profile and click ok.

method 2_image 5

6. Fill in your email address details in the window that opens and click next.

method 2_image 6

7. Outlook will take a moment to configure your new profile.

8. When you next open Outlook, you will get a pop up window from which you can choose the profile you want to use.

method 2_image 7

Method 3: Repair Outlook’s .ost File Directory

Lastly, if the other two methods don’t fix Hotmail error 80041004, delete the .ost file directory using these steps.

If your default outlook profile is “outlook”, open command prompt and type this command “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook”. This will take you to the .ost file location. Select the file and delete it.

If you don’t use the “outlook” profile, or if the command prompt doesn’t work, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Mail in the control panel and click “show profiles”.
method 3_image 1

2. Click Properties.

method 3_image 2

3. Select “email accounts” then

method 3_image 3

4. Click on the tab named “data files” and select the email account with the files you want to delete and select “open file location”.

method 3_image 4

5. Right click on the “******” file and select “delete”.

method 3_image 5

6. Reopen outlook to create another .ost file directory.