Hotmail Classic Site (Can You Switch Back?)

Many Hotmail users were not impressed when Microsoft started to switch the Hotmail classic site user interface over to the revamped mail view.

Tried and tested features were moved and Microsoft decided to split inbox email messages into ‘focused’ and ‘other’ dividers. 

hotmail classic site

So How Do You Get Your Old Hotmail Classic Layout Back?

Unfortunately, you can’t. The classic view has been discontinued fully but we will show you how to make the new layout more manageable. 

Previously there was an option in ( settings to switch back to the old classic site view but that has been removed since 2019 when the new Outlook moved out of beta. 

Other tricks to get the classic Hotmail like using the following URL dont work anymore either. 

There are many ways however to customize the Hotmail / Outlook interface to suit your preference.

Customizing Hotmail Layout Back To Classic Style

One of the most common complaints we see is around the ‘focused’ and ‘other’ divider in the inbox. To remove this feature go to the settings icon in the top right of your screen.

You will see a feature option called ‘Focused Inbox’ in the right pane. Click on this to turn the feature off.

remove focused inbox hotmail view

You can also change other features in the Hotmail reading pane settings such as display density.

This changes the layout and amount of messages displayed on your screen at one time or how you see the Hotmail junk filter

Many dislike the date headers on emails too. Users want to see a continuous line of emails instead of filtering by date. This can be removed if you go into ‘view full settings’. Under layout, scroll down and click ‘ Don’t show date headers in message list’.

dont show date headers hotmail