3D Mailbox Pricing

Special Price! Get Level 1 and Level 2 for just $49.95!


Registered Version

Price: Only $49.95 (one time payment)
Valid For: Life
Full Access To: Level 2 (LAX)
Level 1 (Miami Beach)
3D Mailbox LIGHT
Access to All Program Features: Yes
SpamBayes SPAM Filter: Yes
Tech Support: V.I.P.
Free patches/upgrades for LIFE: Yes

"The most original email client I've ever seen. It even makes spam entertaining. Merely to say it's entertaining is an injustice, though. The great 3D graphics are just part of the story. The added features of a built-in Instant messenger and email status turn this piece of eye candy into a top notch communications tool... Well done!" -- Steve P., Hednesford, UK


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