3D Mailbox: Overview: Level 2 (LAX)

Level 2 brings the excitement of LAX, one of the world's busiest airports, right to your inbox.

Just by reading and writing messages, you're in charge of an entire airport system. Every email you send or receive is represented by a jumbo jet. New email comes to the arrivals terminal, or to custom hangars (mailboxes) that you define. SPAM is automatically sent to the airport boneyard by our built-in SpamBayes SPAM filter. Unsure mail circles above. And your departing mails leave via the departures terminal.

LAX, recreated down to the inch...

It's Email Meets Flight Sim

The world's airlines fly wherever you do

Based on the origin or destination of your mail, each message is depicted by any of over 80 world airlines. Get a message from the UK, it comes by Virgin, British Airways, or even Caledonian (for old time's sake). Send a message to Italy, it goes out on Alitalia or EuroFly. Emails with attachments are carried by the couriers: FedEx, UPS, DHL, and CargoLux.

In addition to the roar of Rolls Royce engines and the dozens of cinematic cameras that play the action as it happens, you will also enjoy thousands of authentic ATC-pilot conversations specific to each flight. So if a KLM flight is arriving, you'll hear authentic KLM pilots speaking with authentic Air Traffic Controllers in LAX tower!

Level 2 has both day and night scenes, so when the Sun sets Lax-by-night comes to life.

3D Mailbox Level 2 is like nothing you've ever experienced before: An email program that is wrapped around a complete ATC/Flight Simulation with constant 'communication' between the two.

Our goal: To bring the thrill of flight to your inbox, and make your day more fun! Come fly with us!

Soar above the clouds