3D Mailbox: Overview: Level 1 (Miami Beach)

Email is the killer app. But it's deadly boring. 3D Mailbox makes it fun!

Think of 3D Mailbox as email meets videogame. Or as an email metaverse. Do you love videogames? Are you passionate about email? Then 3D Mailbox is for you. It's e-mail for the visual generation.

3D Mailbox turns your emails into people: In the first level, Miami Beach, beautiful models represent good email, and goofy Sumo guys represent spam. Chill with your email poolside and in private cabanas, and feed your spam to the sharks! The beautiful locales and Brazilian background music make you feel like you're on vacation any time of the day.

In the second level, set at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), every email is a Boeing 747!

The 3D Mailbox Bouncer waits at the entrance to Level 1...

This is the complete opposite of any email program you've ever used.

Deleting spam is great fun in 3D Mailbox!

3D Mailbox's shader-based renderer creates beautiful and realistic settings never before seen in an e-mail program. Imagine photorealistic environments rendered in real-time, and you only begin to understand what this engine is capable of.

With startling realism, 3D Mailbox puts you in the middle of this gorgeous virtual world.

But the beauty of 3D Mailbox is more than skin deep -- it also has an integrated top-notch spam filter (SpamBayes), and dozens of easy-to-use email features.

Dive into the next dimension of email... Get it Now!

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