3D Mailbox Light - Same Great Features, Less Filling!

3D Mailbox Light: Anti-Spam Made Easy

Same great email taste, less filling! Just 3 MB!

When you just want to get in and get out quickly, we offer 3D Mailbox Light. No graphics, no music, no system load -- Just the same great email features as you find in 3D Mailbox!

  • Integrated SpamBayes spam filter- the best there is! We make it a snap to configure and use. Bye bye, spam.
  • 4-Click Video Mail- effortless video mail.
  • Email Status - see whether your messages were received, read, replied to, deleted, or even caught in spam!
  • 3D Mailbox IM and Chat - no need for buddy lists. You can IM and Chat with anyone you email.
  • User Status - see the online status of people you email.
  • Message filtering - set up an infinite number of filters for your incoming mail.
  • Use interchangeably with 3D Mailbox -- they share the same mailboxes!

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