3D Mailbox: General FAQ

We also have a Technical FAQ available

What is 3D Mailbox?

It's an e-mail client for Windows, just like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc. But unlike them, it also has incredible 3D worlds, and a top-notch spam filter, built right in.

Can I use 3D Mailbox with a web-based e-mail service like Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Gmail?

Yes, it's fully compatible with all web-based e-mail services that support POP/POPS access, as well.

Hey, I thought this was free!

Level 1 was available for free for a limited time. All those who currently have Level 1 can continue to use it, free of charge, for life (support not included). With the launch of Level 2, we have bundled Level 1 and Level 2 into a single product, which is available for a one-time charge of just $49.95 (We still offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it's risk free).

Is 3D Mailbox a screensaver?

No. 3D Mailbox represents your e-mail messages in innovative ways, such as people or Boeing 747's, and lets you interact with your e-mail graphically. Screensavers are nothing more than nice pictures on your screen; 3D Mailbox gives you immersive, virtual worlds to relax or excite you.

Do I need to change my e-mail address to use 3D Mailbox?

No. You continue using whatever email account(s) you currently use. You can even automatically import your account settings right into 3D Mailbox.

How does 3D Mailbox filter the spam I receive?

3D Mailbox has the best spam filter in the world - SpamBayes - built right in.

Is there any nudity or sexuality in 3D Mailbox?

No. None. In Level 1, which is set at a beach resort, the avatars are dressed in mainstream beach attire (bikinis, surf trunks, etc.), which can be seen at any beach in the world. The avatars swim, walk, wave at each other, shower (outdoors; it represents the virus disinfection process), and do other normal, acceptable public functions that you would find at a beach resort.

Who is behind 3D Mailbox?

We're the same people who created VisitorVille, the popular 3D web analytics software that has been featured in PC Magazine and Wired. Our company is World Market Watch, Inc., a Vermont corporation in business since 1996, with headquarters in scenic Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Do you have a version for Mac or Linux?

3D Mailbox is currently only available for computers running Windows XP or Vista.

What is a "Level"?

In computer and video games, a level is a separate area in a game's virtual world. In 3D Mailbox, we are building many levels which you can switch among at leisure. For example, our first level has a Miami Beach theme; our second level has an airport theme; and so on.

Will I have to pay more for updates to 3D Mailbox, or for new levels?

Software updates are free for life. When new levels are introduced, they will be offered for sale at an optional, nominal fee.

In Level 1 (Miami Beach) can I specify whether I see guys only, girls only, or both?

Yes. In the Options menu, you can specify whether girls, guys, or both are displayed.

Does 3D Mailbox require more system resources than other e-mail clients?

Yes. Since 3D Mailbox is a combination e-mail client and 3D world built using a cutting-edge game engine, it requires more CPU and memory than simpler e-mail programs. But if you desire the exciting, immersive experience that 3D Mailbox offers, then the additional system load is well worth it.

Does 3D Mailbox contain spyware, adware, or malware of any kind?

Absolutely not.

How often will you be adding new levels?

We plan to roll out a new level every 2 to 3 months.

My question wasn't answered here. How do I ask it?

Write to us via our contact form.

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