3D Mailbox: Technical FAQ

The automatic email account detection wizard is not displaying any of my accounts. I use Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail etc.

It cannot detect web-based email accounts, but there's an easy solution: Do the configuration manually by going under the Help menu in 3D Mailbox, select Help, click on the "Getting Started" topic, and follow the instructions for your specific web-based email provider.

I'm getting an error when I start 3D Mailbox that one or more DLL files are missing.

You need at least DirectX 9.0 to use 3D Mailbox. You can download and install DirectX directly from Microsoft's website.

3D Mailbox is running slowly on my PC, and I have a great PC!

Most likely, your video card isn't as great as the rest of your PC. There is a solution, though. In 3D Mailbox, select the Tools menu, then Options, then under 3D Preferences, choose Engine. Now, select "Normal PC" as your machine type. Click "OK". You'll need to restart 3D Mailbox for the change to take effect.

Note: We do auto-detect your system capabilities the first time you run 3D Mailbox, but we lean toward giving you the best graphics. Since every PC is different, your results may vary; which is why we let you configure the settings yourself.

3D Mailbox is using 98% of my CPU!

3D Mailbox doesn't actually use 90-100% of CPU. It 'requests' that 90-100% of CPU be available to it, and thus Task Manager and other system monitors will report (incorrectly) that 100% of CPU is being consumed. If that were the case, and that much CPU were really being consumed, your system and everyone else's would crash and burn.

As an example, the computer I'm on currently is running 3D Mailbox and is reporting 48% CPU usage. Since it's dual-core, it is actually 98%. Still, I'm able to run 12 other programs, including a processor-intensive video editing program (Premier Elements) stably. And I do this every day, all day, without a problem.

The thing is, game engines are used to not being windowed applications. It's unusual that a game engine would be wrapped within a Windows app, such as 3D Mailbox. Normally when you're playing Half Life 2 or whatever, it's not in windowed mode, so game designers didn't think about masking this resource demand of the games.

This is not a commonly known thing about game engines. But there is a big difference between the "request" for all that CPU and the actual usage of that CPU.

The program keeps asking me for my email account username/password.

That means it's having trouble connecting to your POP or SMTP server. The reason for this is that you have entered incorrect or incomplete email account information in the Tools|Accounts. Often it's just a matter of selecting "This server requires a secure connection" under Tools|Accounts|Properties|Advanced.

I'm running Vista and get a runtime error when I launch the program.

Please check if your video card is made by ATI. If so, try updating your video card driver to the latest version, which is from 19 July 2007, and is available from the ATI website. After this, restart 3D Mailbox. If it still fails, you can try re-installing 3D Mailbox.

McAfee SpamKiller is terminating 3DMailbox.exe when I first try to launch it.

This is a problem caused by SpamKiller's "Outlook Express/Windows Mail plug-in", and it also has plagued Outlook Express users. We have alerted McAfee to this problem, and they have promised to correct it in their upcoming release (August 2007). In the meantime, there are two workarounds:

In Task Manager, kill mskagent.exe

If the above does not work, try this:

Using RegEdit (the Registry editor that comes with Windows, and can be launched by typing "regedit" at the Start|Run command prompt), delete one registry value -- mskagent.exe -- from the following registry key:
Then reboot your machine.

I'm not seeing any avatars.

Make sure you have at least 128 MB of Video RAM. You can see how much video RAM you have under Control Panel|Display|Settings|Advanced|Adapter.

My question wasn't answered here. How do I ask it?

Contact 3D Mailbox Tech Support.

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