3D Mailbox: Downloads

Step 1:

    Buy an activation code

    (One activation code works for both 3D Mailbox and 3D Mailbox Light)

Step 2:

    Download 3D Mailbox. (74 MB) (Current version:

- OR -

    Download 3D Mailbox LIGHT (6 MB) (Current version:
    Same great email features, but no 3D graphics.

Minimum Requirements

for 3D Mailbox: Windows XP or Vista; DirectX 9.0c; 1.5 GHz INTEL processor or 1.0 GHz AMD processor; 512 MB RAM; 3D-capable Video Card with 128 MB Video RAM.

for 3D Mailbox LIGHT: XP or Vista; Pentium III or AMD 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 4 MB video card.

Is Your PC Ready for 3D Mailbox?

Not sure you have the minimum requirements? No problem -- Click here and select "Run" to launch the 3D Mailbox System Checker (600 KB). No installation is required.

Should you get 3D Mailbox, or 3D Mailbox LIGHT?

If you have a 3D video card, get both! They use the same mailboxes, so you can use LIGHT when you're in a hurry; and use 3D Mailbox when you have time to enjoy life.

If you don't have a 3D video card, and don't want one, get LIGHT! You'll have a fast, small email client with lots of cool features like video mail, the world's best spam filter, and more!

Where is the free version?

The promotional free version is long gone, sorry! But we are now bundling Levels 1 and 2, along with 3D Mailbox LIGHT, at a low price that anyone can afford!