3D Mailbox: Cool Email Features

3D Mailbox innovation doesn't stop with its ground-breaking use of videogame technology in email. We also offer uber-useful email features that will make you more productive and happier. Here are a few of our favorites:

Email-Based IM and Chat

That's right, email based IM and chat! Just right click on anyone who sends you an email with 3D Mailbox, or anyone who you have mailed, and click "IM/Chat with this Person". Forget about buddy lists!

User Status and Email Status

See the online/away/offline status of anyone you email, and see the status of every email you send: from the time it leaves your PC to the time the recipient replies -- including if it gets caught in the Spam filter! (Provided your friends also use 3D Mailbox).

This is a revolutionary new way to make sure your emails make it to their destination, don't get marked as spam, and don't "fall through the cracks". Unlike that annoying "return receipt" feature you've seen in other email programs, this is unobtrusive, intuitive, and completely under your control (you can choose whether others can see you and/or track their emails to you).

User and Email Status icon legends

Integrated, User-Friendly SpamBayes Spam Filter

SpamBayes is the best spam filter because it not only intelligently learns what is spam or good mail, but it also has humility: When it's not certain, it classifies mail as "unsure". You can then decide how to classify it. We make classification easy with a simple point and click.

Each mail is scored by SpamBayes from 0 (good mail or "ham") to 100 (absolute spam). These scores are clearly displayed on all the emails you receive...

SpamBayes manual classification

... which makes setting your personal thresholds (for ham, unsure, and spam) a simple matter of using a slider!

SpamBayes Classification Slider

The 3D Mailbox Affiliate Program

What can be cool about an affiliate program? Well, ours pays you just for sending emails as you normally would. Check it out!

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