3D Mailbox: Video Email in Just 4 Clicks

Have you ever tried to send a video mail? You need to capture the video; edit it; export it at the right size and compression; then save as an email attachment. It's a hassle!

Our Video Mail, which is included in both 3D Mailbox and 3D Mailbox Light, takes just four clicks!

3D Mailbox Video Mail

Four-Click Video Mail

It's as easy as:

    1) Click "Create Video Mail"

    2) Click "Record"

    3) Click "Stop" *

    4) Click "Send"

* At this step, you can also Preview the video you are about to send, add a text note, and even re-record with a single click.

Send to Anyone.

Anyone can view the video you send just by clicking on it.

But there's a bonus: Users of 3D Mailbox (or Light) can view the Video Mail directly in their email message window! Plus send an instant video reply!

No Limits.

3D Mailbox Video Mail has no limits on the size of the video mails you can send. You can even tweak the size and compression options as you like.

What's So Cool

The video is recorded, and played back, within the email message!

Everything is automatic -- No knowledge of video editing is needed.

It's faster than writing an email!

Download 3D Mailbox! - click here