3D Mailbox: Affiliate Program

When was the last time you got paid for using an email program?

Just use the FREE version of 3D Mailbox, and every email you send can earn you $10 US Dollars.

You can also put our banner ad(s) on your website and earn $10 US Dollars for every registered user we get from you.

How does it work?

Just use the free version of 3D Mailbox (or 3D Mailbox Light) as you normally would to send and receive your emails.

When someone clicks on the 3D Mailbox link at the bottom of your emails, s/he is taken to our homepage, where a cookie is set.

If s/he downloads 3D Mailbox (or 3D Mailbox Light) at any point from then on, we know you referred them.

If s/he buys 3D Mailbox at any point over their lifetime, you will earn US $10.00, which we will send to your PayPal account.

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It's easy and free.

Are you already using 3D Mailbox? just fill out this quick form. Have your Activation Code and registration email address on hand. The only new information you need to provide is your PayPal address, so we can send your commissions to you.

New to 3D Mailbox? Just register for free and enter your PayPal address so we can send your commissions to you.

How will I earn money if 3D Mailbox is free?

Only the first level (Miami Beach) of 3D Mailbox is free.

To purchase the first two levels of 3D Mailbox is just $29.95, and future levels will be irresistably priced as well.

The more "seeds" you plant now, the greater your harvest will be over time! And all you have to do is e-mail your friends, family, and colleagues as you would anyway.

Can I also promote 3D Mailbox on my website?

Yes! When you join our affiliate program, we also give you a variety of ads you can use on your site, each one preformatted with your Affiliate ID, so anyone who clicks on the ad will be counted as being referred by you.

An example ad appears to the right.

Mini FAQ

Can I become an affiliate and get a discount for myself?

Sorry, but you cannot self-refer using the affiliate program.

How often will I be paid?

Every 30 days.

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